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Tourist Spots in Tumkur

Being a popular tourist destination, there are many tourist spots in and around Tumkur for everyone to indulge in. Whether you are on a pilgrimage or just looking for adventure, Tumkur has something to offer for everyone. From famous historical monuments to religiously significant temples, Tumkur is a dream destination for anyone on a religious pilgrimage. Moreover, there are many adventure spots such as rock climbing, boating, trekking et al in Tumkur district for the young as well.

Famous Tourist Spots in/around Tumkur

Pavagada Fort

Pavagada Fort in tumkur

Built in 1405 by the popular king of Vijaynagar dynasty, it is believed that the vioent battle between Tipu Sultan and the British took place here. This fort is about 99 kms from Tumkur city in Pavagada, a small panchayat town in Tumkur district. Pavagada fort is very famous for adventurous activities like trekking and rock climbing and also has a lot of famous historical monuments in the city. This is town is also very famous for its Shan Mahatma Temple of Shani God, especially during the Sravana month.

Devarayana Durga

Devarayana Durga near tumkur

At an elevation of 3940 feet, Devarayana Durga, a rocky hill station, is positioned in the middle of beautiful scenery. It is about 12 kms from Tumkur City and 65 kms from capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore. Devarayana Durga consists of 3 elevations and 2 gates heading to the top, with Lakshmi Narasimba temple as the lowest elevation. There are 2 springs nearby, Ane Done and Jiya Tirtha, which are a source of streams for Jaya and Mangali. There is a huge cave at mid elevation with statues of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman along with popular Yoganarasimha and Bhoganarasimha temples.


Marconhalli is the biggest reservoir in Tumkur district constructed across the Shimsha River that is approximately an hour by road from Tumkur or 25 kms from Kunigal. It was finished building in 1939, which led to the emergence of the agricultural colony in 1942 run on modern lines. Many buses are available from Kunigal to Macronahalli reservoir.

Namada Chilume

Namada Chilume is a famous historical place with a small strip of water flowing through it all the time. It is believed that during Ram- Sita Vanavasa, Sita was very thirsty and therefore, to quench her thirst Lord Ram shot an arrow at the rock to make water flow through it. It is said that since then water has been continuously flowing through it and does not stop even during droughts. The source of this water is still unknown. Nearby Namada Chilume, is a beautiful deer sanctuary and a Travelers Bungalow, which makes staying at this place even more enjoyable.

Siddara Betta

Siddara Betta near TumkurAbout 35 kms from Tumkur, Siddara Betta is a rocky hill with major attractions as a temple and hollow caves. This place is very famous not only among pilgrims but also among people looking for adventures. Trekking and rock climbing are some of major activities that take place here among the young. Since it is situated right in the middle of forests and mountains, Siddara Betta is very popular among nature lovers. An interesting fact about this hill is that one can climb it from inside since its hollow and come down to the base the other way.

Sri Siddaganga Mutt

Siddaganga was built in 15 century A.D. and is a renowned pilgrimage center. At the top of a hill, it has a temple dedicated to Siddhalingeshwara, which is very famous among various pilgrims. With six shrines placed at the entrance and picturesque beauty surrounding it, Sri Siddaganga Mutt is one of the most beautiful places to visit while in Tumkur. It also serves as a very important educational institute with a Matha that feeds thousands of pilgrims and students everyday. Sri Siddaganga Mutt is easily accessible through buses from Tumkur and the nearest railway station is Kyatasandra.

Devarayanadurga State Forest

Devarayanadurga State Forest is a dry evergreen forest situated 11 kms (approx 20 mins by road) from Tumkur and 60 kms from Bangalore. It is one the most dense and green forests in Karnataka and has a variety of species of plants and animals. It is one of the must see places when you visit Tumkur. Moroever, since it is located at an elevation, the weather especially during winters is quite pleasant, perfect for sightseeing.

Statue of Kote Anjeneya Swami

Kote Anjeneya Swami Statue in Tumkur

The statue of Kote Anjeneya Swami is very pleasurable to look at because it is quite recently built. Moreover, two beautiful temples, namely, Panchamuka Ganapathi temple and Anjeneya temple are situated right next to it.

Famous Historical Temples

Tumkur is a prominent religious destination and is very popular among pilgrims. Tumkur consists of many famous temples spread throughout the district. It is also home to Goravanahalli MahaLakshmi Temple, one of the most popular temples in the entire state of Karnataka. Other temples such as Kaidhala Chenna Keshava Temple, Kalleshwara Temple, Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Temple, Sri.Channakeshava Temple, Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Veerabhadreshwara Temple et al are also situated in this district.

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