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Temples in Tumkur

Tumkur is famous for its numerous religious destinations with magnificent artworks and temples that are spread throughout the district. Goravanahalli MahaLakshmi Temple, Kaidhala Chenna Keshava Temple, Kalleshwara Temple, Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Temple, Sri Channakeshava Temple, Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Veerabhadreshwara Temple are some of the popular temples based in Tumkur. Here is a list of Temples in and around Tumkur.

Mandir in Tumkur

Famous Temples in Tumkur

Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple

One of the most famous temples in the entire state of Karnataka, Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple is located in Koratagere Taluk about 30 kms from Tumkur city and 80 kms from Bangalore. It is said that the idol of Sri Mahalakshmi is self-originated in the temple. A very popular temple, it is visited by thousands of devotees every year, who are provided free lunch and Prasad everyday.

Chennakeshava Temple

The Chennakeshava Temple is located in a small town in Tumkur district called Arlaguppe, about an hour and half by road from Tumkur city. This temple was constructed around 1250 A.D. under Vira Someshwara, a Hoysala King and is devoted to Lord Vishnu. A must visit place for anyone visiting Tumkur, Chennakeshava Temple is constructed in a simple and elegant manner and is a perfect example of Hoysala architecture.

Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

This temple was constructed by Kanthirava Narasaraja I according to the Dravidian architectural style, which was then later renovated by Mysore king, Krishnaraja Wodeyar the third in 1858. While Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is located at the top of the hill, Bhoga Narasimha Temple is positioned at the lower part of the hill. A small memorial dedicated to Lord Garuda is also placed here.

Kalleshwara Temple

Built in the 9th century, Kalleshwara Temple was constructed by the Nolamba Dynasty. One of the most beautifully constructed temple in the district, Kalleshwara Temple has many figurines of different gods placed at the front with various sculptures of Lord Shiva made in the ceiling. Located in Aralaguppe town of Tumkur district, the temple is about one hour drive from Tumkur city.

Gulur Ganesh Temple

Situated on the Tumkur-Kunigal road, Gulur Ganesh Temple is about 5 kms from Tumkur City. An interesting fact about this temple is that every year on Vinayaka Chaturthi, a statue of Lord Ganesh is build, which take about 2 months to complete. Later, when the construction is finished, the statue is placed inside the temple, where many poojas are carried out for more than a month and then the idol is submerged in Gulur Pond.

Veerabhadreshwara Temple

Veerabhadreshwara Temple is one of the most famous temples in Tumkur district, which is known for its idol of Veerabhadreshwara, who is believed to be the soldier avatar of Lord Shiva. The temples consists of two main figurines, one a self-originated Shivling and a standing sculpture of Lord Shiva holding a sword and shield. Veerabhadreshwara Temple is located in the Dillinkote village of Tumkur district, approximately an hour by road from Tumkur City.

Yediyur Siddhalingeshwara Temple

Situated in Yediyer Village, Kunigal (about 60 kms from Tumkur City), this temple is very famous among various pilgrims in the district. Inside, the temple consists of a shrine of the venerated saint Tontada Siddalinga, who thrived during the end 15th century. The festivals of Maha Shivratri and Ugadi are highly celebrated in this temple. Furthermore, during the popular festival of Deepavali, the entire temple is decorated with oil lamps and many celebrations are held. An interesting revelry called the car festival is held of the seventh lunar day of Chaitra Masa, which comes during March-April.

Chandraprabha Temple

A Jain temple, Chandraprabha Temple is situated at hilltop in Mandaragiri Village, which is around 9 kms from Tumkur city or twenty minutes by taxi. The temple contains the idol of Bhagwan Gyan Chandranatha and was built by a Hoysala King called Chamupathi Ishwar in 1116. Nearby are three more jain temples devoted to Lord Brahmadeva, Lord Parshwanath and Lord Suparshwanath. All the above temples are very near to Tumkur and can be easily accessible by road or rail.

Siddaganga Mutt

A famous ashram, Siddaganga Mutt has a small temple dedicated to Siddhalingeshwara situated at a hill that is very popular among various devotees. Built in 15th Century A.D. by esteemed Sree Gosala Siddeshwara Swamiji, Siddaganga Mutt is a one-of-a-kind Gurukul that provides food, education and shelter to thousands of underprivileged children for free everyday. Currently this institution has over 8000 children residing over here. In 1962, the mutt set up the Sree Siddaganga Education Society and presently, has over 130 educational institutions running successfully. A mere 7 kms from Tumkur City, Sir Siddaganga Mutt is a must visit place for anyone visiting Tumkur.

The temples in Tumkur District are famous for their amazing artwork and architecture that dates back to the rule of Hoysala Empire. Other temples such as Sri Yogamadhava Temple, Kasturi Ranganatha Temple, Sri Venkataramana Temple, Someshwara Temple, Sri Siddalingeshwara Temple and Gangadhareshwara Temple are also based in the district.

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