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Famous Food of Tumkur

Being a popular tourist destination and a prominent industrial city, Tumkur is defined by a diverse food culture. A multi-cuisine and multi-ethnic town, Tumkur, has a number of food joints ranging from small to big and economical to expensive. The local street food of Tumkur has a dedicated fan following. It is hard to ignore the delicious, cheap, inexpensive smell of street food that is found in every nook and corner of the city. The street food of Tumkur has something to offer for everyone, be it famous south vegetarian options or popular north non-vegetarian options. Being bounded by Maharashtra by one side and a part of south India from the other side, Tumkur has the best of both worlds. Moreover, Tumkur has a lot of influence from Bangalore as majority of the tourists come from the capital city. Be it readily available street food or delicacies found in high-end restaurants, Tumkur definitely has something for every taste and budget.

The cuisine of Tumkur consists of distinct vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This diverse variety of food comes from the influence of Maharashtra and South India. Some typical food famous in Tumkur includes Ragi roti, Akki roti, Bisi Bele Bath, Khara Bath, Devanagere Benne dosa, Ragi Mudde, vaangi Baath and Uppittu. The popular Masala dosa owes its foundation to Udupi cuisine. Being a part of South Karnataka, dishes such as rava idli, plain idli, masala dosa and maddur vada are very popular in the district. 

Cuisine of Tumkur

Although the items may differ in each part, typical Kannadiga meal includes dishes such as pickle, palya, gojju, kosambari, paaysa, chitranna, thovve, rice and ghee, all served in a banana leaf. According to the tradition, once the ghee has been served, then only can people commence eating. This is done to ensure all the dishes are served at the same time to everyone. After all the dishes are laid out, other dishes such as various soups, raita are served next, followed by curd rice in the end to finish the meal. This meal is considered to be a wholesome and full meal as it contains all proteins and carbohydrates required.

A traditional meal in Tumkur is the Raggi Mudde that is a circular ball made by boiling millet or Ragi in water. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, most locals in Tumkur include Ragi Mudde as a part of their meal. Since farming is the main occupation of most of the inhabitants of the district, consuming Ragi gives them energy and strength to carry out this strenuous activity. Farmers generally consume two to three Ragi balls per meal.

Another dish traditional to the city is known as Hurali Saaru, which is a zesty soup dish prepared from horse gram and various spices. Some other dishes that is a part of everyday meal of Tumkur is bas saaru, another zesty soup prepared from the bisque of spring beans and lentils; Kempanna, which is boiled rice and curd or locally known as Mosaru.

Being a part of South India, rice is the main ingredient used to prepare the meals. Some common rice dishes are Bisi bele bath, a dish with rice and vegetables; Vaangi baath, rice cooked in oil and vegetables; Chitranna, flavored rice with oil, turmeric and mustard seeds; Mosaranna, fried curd rice; Puliyogare, tamarind rice; Maavinkaayi chitranna, flavored rice with raw mango chutney; Nimbekaayi chitranna, flavored rice with lemon; Avalakki; rice balls with vegetables and Mandakki.

Apart from the local dishes mentioned above, Tumkur also has a number of international brands such as Dominos, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Caf? Coffee Day and so on, are also present in the city, therefore, Tumkur has something for every flavor and taste.

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